by Séan McArdle
This 20 hour series gives you a system to put in place immediately.
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This landmark "how-to" audio series on selling printing authored by Séan McArdle, The $100 Million Printing Salesman, covers every aspect of becoming successful at selling any type of graphic arts. You will learn how to create and maintain customers, call on ten times the number of prospects you are now and close them in half the time through this proven system. You will be treated to the finer details of Paddle-Wheel Selling, master the Circularity of Communication and develop your own 30-Second Commercial and Unique Selling Proposition to put you and your company on the road to higher revenues and profits. This program is endorsed by all of the major graphic arts associations and has been translated into book form. Click Here to order the #1 tool for mastering the skills necessary to triumph in your marketplace.

by Séan McArdle
Too often we give up on our dreams. Without a clear cut path to realize our dreams we fall prey to the obstacles that life places in our way. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to live out their dreams?

It's simple - they have formulas!
When you order LifeMapping: Five Steps to Lasting Change, you will receive: Five audio tapes filled with the strategies, techniques, formulas and beliefs that are the basis of the LifeMapping system. Don't miss the moving stories in these tapes for which author Séan McArdle has become famous. A bonus audio relaxation tape employing today's most sophisticated techniques. It aids you in learning the highlights of the LifeMapping process while you relax at a very deep level.* (*Do not listen to this tape while driving.) The LifeMapping Journal. This 32-page journal is all the leverage you will need to consistently set and reach the goals you identify in the LifeMapping process.
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