If you think the ideas in The Art & Science of Printing Sales audio program are good, just wait until you start using the NEW overlay we created for your ACT! 2000 Software. The only way to succeed at selling consistently is to become "the architect of a day that will bring you what you say you want for a lifetime". It's the regular practice of simple disciplines that will bring you the results you deserve.

With this new Art & Science of Printing Sales Overlay for your CRM software, you are prompted to take daily action on these disciplines: "Paddle Wheel" Selling

· "Winning Sales Call" techniques
· A "Sales Funnel" approach to quantifying your prospecting efforts
· Scheduling of all your selling activities in a timely fashion
· Creating valuable histories of selling activities on-the-fly
· Identifying your contacts by type
· Creating valuable "Top 5" Prospect and "Top 5" Growth Customer Lists
· Running timely reports on your Sales Pipeline
· Keeping track of valuable referrals
· Identifying the Winning Close for each prospect
· Creating an easy reference to your "30 Second Commercial"
· Recording the best rapport and attraction methods for each contact

Plus, you still get all of the other benefits of using the fabulous ACT! contact mana
gement software. You will literally see how you can use this extraordinary tool to sell more and work more effectively. In order to take advantage of our software overlay, you must be using ACT! 2000. If you don't have the 2000 version (5.x), you will need to speak to us about upgrading. Click here to learn how to order a single user or an unlimited user license for this powerful software overlay.

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