by Séan McArdle

Authored by The $100 Million Printing Salesman, Séan McArdle, and published by the National Association for Printing Leadership, this 200 page hard cover book will become a fixture in the toolbox of any serious printing salesperson who wants to master the art of creating new and lasting customers. $75.00 per book.
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by Séan McArdle

For anyone who is able to get the appointment but frustrated by not getting enough orders, or for anyone looking to obtain new presentation and closing skills, this is the ultimate handbook. Authored by Séan McArdle and published by the NAPL, The Winning Sales Call is a must for making you a more effective and productive printing salesperson. $75.00 per book.
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By Tad James and
Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall

This book is filled with powerful models and techniques to promote understanding and facilitate positive change in your life and in the lives of those you care about. It focuses on two areas. The first area reveals the secret of how time is encoded in the human brain. The second area deals with several human typologies that form the basis of personality.

The language of time is riddled with spatial metaphors, because our fundamental experience of time is spatial. We store our past memories and our future plans on a line called a "time line." The structure of this time storage system determines many things including our ability to plan, to make decisions and to experience our emotions fully. This book explains how to discover the structure of our own and other people's "time lines" and how to use this information to achieve greater flexibility in our lives and how to assist others to do likewise.

We would all like to understand ourselves and others better. To do this we need powerful typologies which will enable us to understand the critical variables that determine our behaviors. The understanding gained in this book enables us to see our strengths and to be aware of our limitations so that we can improve upon them. Click here to order

By Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall
All human beings are creatures of habit. These habits, which we call people patterns, lead to consistent patterns of behavior. People patterns are reflected in our language and in our actions and are readily detectable by a trained observer. People patterns can be used to enhance communication and to increase influence. A wise person will use them to do so, and to do anything less is to fail to respect another person's uniqueness.
People Pattern Power teaches you how to detect and apply nine key patterns in a practical way in a variety of business contexts including management, sales, negotiations, training and personnel selection. The utilization of these powerful patterns will enable you to better understand yourself and those around you and to be more effective in motivating, inspiring, selling, training, influencing and communicating with anyone you meet.
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by Seth Tower

This new book by Seth Tower provides invaluable information on automating the sales process and guidance on the who, what, when, where, why and how of getting the integration process started.

When a company successfully taps into this integrated resource, it may then be converted into an enterprise that uses its information to proactively manage its customer relationships. This book covers the steps necessary to take sales automation to the next level - Customer Relationship Management. Sales Force Automation & Customer Relationship Management points out the differences between CRM & SFA, discusses implementation schemes, examines some of the vendor offerings in this space, and provides a punch list of thoughts for managing the transformation. Click here to order this book that will change the way your sales team does business.

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