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 There really is an art and a science to superior customer service. Part of it has to do with how you think and feel about your company. Some of it has to do with the way you think and feel about your customers. If either one of these sets of thoughts or feelings is askew, then your customer cannot be served well. Balance these areas well, and this keynote will take you to a powerful set of actions to execute consistently until your customers are ecstatic, not just satisfied. Designed by one America's leading experts on sales and customer service, this program will transform your entire company into a more profitable and growing enterprise.

Specifically, your audience will learn how to:
  • Understand your customers and identify their needs and expectations
  • Add to the quality of your customers¹ lives through contact software
  • Create a winning customer service philosophy for you and your company
  • Retain customers through excellent service
  • Define the services you have and learn how to "package their value"
  • Deliver value consistently so that quality can be measured and improved upon
  • Monitor customer needs so you can mirror them with the service you offer
  • Build measurable value in the relationships you develop

The following are just a few of the organizations that have benefited from The Art & Science of Superior Customer Service: Future Homemakers of American, YMCA, Self Storage Association, United States Navy, Printing Industries of Virginia and Maryland, International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, and Dean Witter.

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