The interview should have enough stress to give you a competitive edge but not so much that you become anxiety-ridden. Preparation is the key, and knowledge of whatıs to come is the first step. In this session, youıll learn about the major differences between the private sector interview and the government interview. Donıt let panel or telephone interviews catch you off guard. Prime yourself to negotiate salary at the right time. And never let a poor interviewer ruin your chance to get the job.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Make stress work for you instead of against you
  • Prepare for panel interviews, phone conversations and difficult questions
  • Keep the interview "on track"
  • Plan an optimistic approach and calculate the downside
  • Expect different questions and hypothetical situations from the interviewer
  • Ask questions that move the interview in a positive direction
  • Set yourself apart from the competition and prove your uniqueness
  • Get the feedback you need to make decisions
  • Negotiate a fair salary
  • Present references confidently
You Will Benefit By:
  • Feeling prepared
  • Being prepared
  • Gaining confidence before you step through the door
  • Being ready to answer your weaknesses with strengths
  • Understanding the roles of the interviewer/interviewee
Who Should Attend:
Anyone unsure of what to expect in the interview or those who are interviewing in a new sector, for a different occupation, or a new agency should enroll in this powerful seminar. Individuals searching for new job opportunities and interviewers who would like to improve their skills and gain interviewee perspective probably should take advantage of the skills promoted in this course.

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