How do you pick and choose from the many job search techniques to create a personal and winning strategy for your job hunt? In this session you'll examine the pros and cons of relying on the advertised job market, networking, placement companies, resume writers, job counselors, volunteerism, etc. You'll be able to earmark what works best in private industry and what works best in a government job hunt. And you'll be able to plan and conduct a job hunt simultaneously in both government and private industry.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Communicate your skills and find the right job for you
  • Distinguish between private sector vs. government job search
  • Network effectively
  • Get the most out of a placement agency
  • Plan your job hunt strategy for success
  • Understand the value of change in your job/career
  • Create an overall plan for job search success
  • Measure the results of your ongoing plan
  • Develop specific techniques to save time
You Will Benefit By:
  • Spending less time searching for and more time targeting the jobs that best fit you
  • Preparing a more efficient job hunt in both the private and the government sectors
  • Earning money faster in a position that builds on your background
  • Getting on the fast track to success and job satisfaction
  • Becoming more successful at getting the job you want
  • Understanding the most valuable job search databases
Who Should Attend:
Those searching for the most effective personal job hunt strategy and anyone thinking about the possibility of changing jobs should enroll in this seminar. Everyone going through a career transition and anyone approaching either the private or government sector for the first time should not miss the opportunity to learn from this presentation.

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