In the move to create a more responsive Federal government, many have been directed to rename the recipients of the services they provide. They have been directed to call those people "customers." But, wishing doesn't make it so. This course was designed by one of America's most prolific salesmen to help you see the difference between serving and selling. It helps you to decipher the difference between compliance and customer service.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Understand your "customers" and identify their needs and expectations
  • Add to the quality of your customers' lives through contact software
  • Create a winning customer service philosophy for you and your agency
  • Retain customers through good service
  • Define the services you have and learn how to "package their value"
  • Deliver value consistently so that quality can be measured and improved upon
  • Monitor customer needs so you can mirror them with the service you offer
  • Build measurable value in the relationships you develop
You Will Benefit By:
  • Delivering value and therefore assuring your future
  • Knowing that when you develop consistency of value-creating behavior, you develop long-term benefits for your agency
  • Realizing that serving is more fun than compliance
  • Enhancing your overall communications skills
Who Should Attend:
Everyone involved with the lives of your customers and those responsible for making customer service a rewarding experience. Senior executives, directors, managers and those charged with maintaining good, satisfied customers. Anyone charged with attracting new customers.

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