In many organizations, supervisors have been thrown into roles of leading other people without the benefit of solid, comprehensive training in the skills that, if practiced, could catapult an organization into the next level of efficiency, productivity and quality. The quality of the day-to-day operations starts with the leaders, so the focus of this modular, mix-and-match course is on how to better equip supervisors with the tools necessary to advance the vision and mission of the organization. This program runs from three to five days and is broken down into modules which can be mixed, matched or eliminated depending on the specific needs of your group. As with any other multiple-topic LifeAnswers offering, other courses from the catalog can be inserted into the program at the clientıs discretion.

Suggested Course Combinations:
    Triple Dipper

    Day 1
  • New Patterns of Influence
  • Developing Advanced Negotiation Skills

    Day 2
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Practical Leadership Skills

    Day 3
  • Managing Lasting Cultural Change

    Four of a Kind

    Same as the Triple Dipper with the following addition:

    Day 4
  • Eliminating the Politics: Managing Up, Down and Across an Organization

    Five Alive

    Same as the Four of a Kind with the following additions:

    Day 5
  • Scenario Planning
  • Conducting Successful Meetings

    *Longer versions of this program can also be delivered. Please contact your LifeAnswers representative at 800-347-9193 for more information.
Who Should Attend:
Supervisors with experience, but little training, and newer supervisors who have been trained in the Introduction to Supervision course should strongly consider this program. Supervisors without formal supervisory training should definitely attend this comprehensive course.

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