Changing of an organizationıs culture requires dramatically different ways of thinking and doing‹merely changing organizational objectives wonıt cut it. The real "how" of culture change includes attending to the role of human values, beliefs, identities, attitudes, perceptions, practices, communications, physical environment and quality of personal and group interactions. Managing cultural change is not easy. Yet, we all know that an organizationıs culture is fundamental to its ability to provide consistently high-quality products and service. It is a vital issue, too often ignored because it is challenging. This seminar presents a commonsense approach to managing lasting cultural change that works.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Assess an organizations readiness for lasting cultural change
  • Understand the nature of true organizational change
  • Understand the key components of cultural change
  • Master the state of the present culture before focusing on its future state
  • Be aware of the four "time orientations"
  • Utilize the human dynamics of change and build on the change and influence ladder
  • Set contextual markers for organizational development
  • Develop appropriate communication strategies
  • Manage the diversity of human values in organizational change
  • Apply the "futuring triangle"
You Will Benefit By:
  • Learning commonsense skills to change the culture of your organization
  • Knowing the key components of lasting cultural change
  • Knowing how to bring together the critical components of effective change leadership
  • Engineering a shift in an organizationıs culture
  • Facilitating true structural change
  • Communicating effectively with people during times of uncertainty and transition
  • Understanding the role of values in a cultural change process
Who Should Attend:
Anyone charged with changing a groupıs culture or who needs to implement an organizational change but is encountering resistance, is encouraged to attend this powerful seminar. Any manager, supervisor or employee who needs to involve others in an organizational change needs to know the ideas promoted in this course.

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