Effective consultants come to be known as powerful resources in organizations. As financial resources dwindle in the federal government, the value of human beings must emerge. Now, more than ever, agency personnel must learn the skills of effective consultancy. In this course, you will be treated to the secrets of today's most sought-after consultants. You will leave with the ability to bring your unique value to any specific function within your agency and others.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Position yourself as an expert/resource within your agency
  • Organize your projects to create the most effective results
  • Identify and market the unique value you hold for your marketplace
  • Design a system for introducing the value of your knowledge to those who require it
  • Successfully conclude every consultant situation
  • Work with a team
  • Analyze the dynamics necessary to add value to your agency
You Will Benefit By:
  • Becoming an effective consultant, highly valued, and therefore, more difficult to replace
  • Organizing large amounts of information that have manageable and deliverable value
  • Learning the skills of influence and salesmanship for your ideas
  • Learning how to create the measurable results your clients require and like to discuss
  • Being a valuable addition to your next agency
  • Being regarded as a team leader, an authority figure, and an expert
  • Gaining influence in and around your agency
Who Should Attend:
Anyone charged with bringing resources to other parts of the organization or agency or personnel charged with the task of creating a salable and valuable service for another organization should strongly consider this seminar. Any group who must show profitable results for the goods and services they deliver and any personnel interested in developing their leadership and entrepreneurial skills should enroll in this program.

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