Presenting data clearly is basic to good science. Doing it effectively takes application, skill and practice. It is a learned skill; it is not intuitive. This program enables you to deliver papers at professional meetings or to present data to groups of scientific peers or non-professionals in a dynamic and informative way. Without training, and usually because of anxiety, many presenters develop very common bad habits and poor practices that fail to support their message and often detract from it. This program teaches you a series of easily learned and unique techniques to avoid these common mistakes, to control your anxiety and focus your energy in support of your message.

Simplify the complex with this hands-on lab.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Control your nervousness and channel your energy productively
  • Control the pace of your presentation
  • Maintain real contact with the audience, gesture appropriately and speak at the correct presentation volume
  • Design visual aids that support the message, to use them skillfully and smoothly
  • Ask and answer questions with control
Each new skill is learned and practiced by making brief presentations. As they accumulate, they are integrated into subsequent presentations and practiced until all have been covered. The learning is facilitated by videotaping of all presentations, immediate viewing by the learner, peer feedback and instructor coaching.

You Will Benefit By:
  • Preparing a presentation using a format appropriate to the message and that is well-paced in terms of time and content
  • Staying in constant personal contact with the audience
  • Applying the appropriate volume, inflection, energy and gestures to your presentations
  • Designing and utilizing visual aids so they stimulate interest and support the message
  • Always appearing poised, authoritative and in control of the message
Who Should Attend:
Anyone who is charged with making presentations in scientific or technical fields should attend this seminar. Anyone who wants to turn boring content into a dynamic presentation cannot miss this dynamic course.

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