Making presentations and speeches is part being an executive. Most executives also have had no formal training in presentation techniques because they acquired their positions based on their technical or managerial skills. Without training, and usually because of anxiety, they often develop some common bad habits and poor practices that seriously detract from the quality of their presentations. This seminar teaches a series of easily learned and unique techniques to help executives avoid these common mistakes and focus their message.

An advanced lab for executive charged with making powerful, persuasive presentations.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Reduce discomfort and channel your nervous energy productively
  • Control the pace of your presentation
  • Maintain real contact with the audience
  • Gesture appropriately and speak at the correct presentation volume
  • Design and handle visual aids that support your message skillfully
  • Ask and answer questions with control
New skills are learned and practiced in sequence. Once learned, they are integrated into subsequent practice presentations until all have been covered. The teaching is assisted by videotaping of all presentations, immediate viewing by the learner, peer feedback and instructor coaching.

You Will Benefit By:
  • Preparing a formal presentation using a well-designed format appropriate to the message
  • Making a presentation that is well-paced in terms of time and content
  • Staying in constant personal contact with the audience
  • Applying the appropriate volume, energy and gestures to your presentations
  • Designing and utilizing visual aids so they stimulate interest and support the message
  • Always appearing poised, authoritative and in control
Who Should Attend:
Mid-level managers through senior executives greatly benefit from this course to improve his or her ability to present material in a clear and concise manner.

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