Multimedia is changing the way we learn, teach, promote, inform and entertain. It can drastically improve inter-company communications and take your organization from obscurity to the forefront. There are seventeen times as many nerves connected to human eyesight as there are to the human auditory system. That knowledge has created a technological explosion in the number of ways there are to present ideas to those with whom we wish to communicate. Multimedia is exactly what it sounds like. It is the ability to mix and match media to create something more powerful than any one medium could have created in the past. In this introductory course, you will be exposed to the various kinds of media most commonly used to create presentations on desktop computers. You will be given insight on todayšs latest software for creating presentations and strategies for using them effectively.

Your organization must know how to use these powerful tools

You Will Learn How To:
  • Tap the nerves connected to your audiencešs eyesight
  • Mix and match specific media to create a powerful tool for training
  • Choose the media that fits your current needs
  • Use technology to create presentations on your desktop computer
You Will Benefit By:
  • Understanding the significance of technology and its role in the future
  • Gaining the confidence to create a presentation that will enhance your audiencešs learning
  • Becoming a resource when others wish to create new presentations
Who Should Attend:
Anyone interested in exploring the opportunities afforded by the latest in multimedia and technology today. Trainers who are looking for an effective tool to increase the retention of knowledge for their students. Individuals and managers charged with creating interesting and effective presentations.

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