Whenever you stand in front of an audience to make a presentation or deliver training you need platform skills. How successfully your message or instructions come across is determined by your ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Body language, gestures, tone, volume and variability are the keys to making any presentation come alive. This workshop presents proven techniques used by the most successful presenters. These techniques will enable you to communicate with greater impact and your ideas will ignite the minds of your listeners. Incredibly, you will become adept at eliciting enthusiastic responses from your audience. And, by mastering the skills taught in this workshop, your audiences will never again have to endure boring, insipid and uninspiring presentations.

Inspire, motivate and captivate the members of your audience consistently

You Will Learn How To:
  • Use your posture and gestures for maximum effectiveness
  • Move in front of an audience
  • Utilize the secret formula for charisma
  • Leverage your voice for maximum impact
  • Use tempo and rhythm to capture and hold your audience's attention
  • Use dramatic pauses to accentuate the message of your presentation
  • Embed special messages that directly reach your audience's unconscious mind
  • Energize an audience and control the mood of the room
You Will Benefit By:
  • Being able to communicate more confidently
  • Mastering the secrets of charisma
  • Utilizing your body for maximum impact
  • Using your voice to energize an audience
  • Knowing how to stand and move in front of an audience
  • Making sure students remain alert and attentive
  • Combining reason and emotion to produce change
  • Creating an enthusiastic response to your ideas
Who Should Attend:
Presenters and trainers who seek to have more of an impact on their audience should value this course immensely. Managers and supervisors who need to communicate better with their peers should attend. Anyone who wants to develop more charisma and who wants to be able to generate a more enthusiastic response to their ideas should not miss this incredible training opportunity.

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