Find out about the top three clutter-makers in our professional lives, why they exist, and how they can affect your productivity. Learn ways to be more efficient and effective by reducing clutter and eliminating the common obstacles to being productive. You will also learn to align your daily activities with your professional goals to achieve success. Develop a Personal Productivity Plan to move you down the path to greater productivity.

Reduce obstacles to productivity and learn the secrets to being more efficient

You Will Learn How To:
  • Identify the potholes in the road to greater productivity
  • Align your daily activities with your professional goals
  • Build and execute a timeline for achieving your goals
  • Meet deadlines more often
  • Develop a To-do list
  • Develop a Personal Productivity Plan
You Will Benefit By:
  • Modifying your work habits to be more productive at work
  • Identifying the six habits that can make work easier and higher quality
  • Practicing easy-to-use tips for scheduling your activities
  • Clearing away the clutter in your schedule and focusing on what¹s important
Who Should Attend:
Everyone who wants to streamline their work and be more productive in less time with less stress should make the skills learned in this course habitual. Senior executives, directors, managers, and those charged with meeting goals or deadlines should not miss this tremendous seminar.

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