This seminar gives you the skills and motivation you need to organize your office and become more productive in half the time. An organized office runs more efficiently and smoothly. After determining the most efficient arrangement for your office and learning to develop a system which determines what to save and what to throw away, you will no longer spend valuable time searching for files and documents. In addition, you will gain 25-40% more filing space by using this system. After the clutter is eliminated, a new organized system is established for your files, paperwork, supplies, books, resources and computer printouts.

The easiest way to make people more effective overnight

You Will Learn How To:
  • Create a desk that is your platform for success
  • Organize your filing cabinet
  • Maintain control of your office using a "dayplanner"
  • Use books and reference manuals to stay organized
  • Plan your work space
You Will Benefit By:
  • Eliminating office clutter and organizing your workspace so that you can work efficiently
  • Learning how to maintain order on an ongoing basis and enjoy your office
  • Managing your office resources and saving up to one hour a day or more
  • Incorporating simple strategies to keep you focused
  • Mastering the secret to remembering details
  • Changing non-productive behavior patterns
Who Should Attend:
Managers, supervisors and any staff employees charged with keeping mounds of information straight with limited space. People whose work space is cluttered and disorganized. People who are interested in learning how to streamline their work space to increase efficiency and reduce stress.

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