Stress can be positive or negative. In large part, the positive or negative value of stress depends largely on how you manage it. Learning how to effectively deal with stress is a major factor in career advancement. Managing stress successfully enhances your ability to produce and enjoy the challenges you meet on the job. This course is designed to help you become an expert at dealing with situations that can cause stress and rob you of your ability to contribute. Anyone whose day-to-day challenges are unduly stressful will benefit from this course, and it is an excellent skill set for employees on an upwardly mobile career path.

The inability to manage stress will cost you a fortune

You Will Learn How To:
  • Design your day to reduce stress and improve personal performance
  • Take control of your emotions and decide what you will accept as stressful
  • Re-frame stressful information and situations into "motivating moments"
  • Use a three-step method for turning painful moments into pleasurable opportunities
  • Utilize breathing and visualization techniques to de-stress yourself on-demand
  • Let others own their stress while you take charge of your job and your life
You Will Benefit By:
  • Neutralizing stressful situations, people and information
  • Using new skills to stop the accumulation of stress and its harmful effects
  • Reducing your constantly unpleasant emotional state
  • Learning how to turn some types of stress into positive energy and emotion
  • Reducing the harmful effects of stress on your physiology
  • Increasing your awareness of personal management on your stress levels
Who Should Attend:
Everyone can benefit from reducing the effects of harmful stress and increasing their ability to deal with career and life challenges. If the stress of your job keeps you from producing your best work, you need the skills this course teaches. If you lose sleep from job-related stress or experience other physical manifestations of stress, you should master these life-changing techniques, skills and abilities. If you are on the way up, or just want to handle your day more effectively, you should make this course part of your life.

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