A famous modern-day philosopher once remarked that time management is the secret of the rich. At LifeAnswers, we believe that it is more accurate to say, "Time management is the secret of the wealthy," because "wealth" means so much more than money. Wealth means having a good job, a good family, a keen sense of self, a storehouse of knowledge, positive relationships and attitudes and much more. One of the main reasons that few people are actually wealthy is because they lack the time management skills necessary to flourish in so many facets of their lives. This course will teach you and your organization how to break away from waste and invest your life in the plans you identify as most meaningful to your career.

A cornerstone of personal and organizational success

You Will Learn How To:
  • Use time to your advantage rather than fight it
  • Become an architect of time to increase productivity
  • Invest time, instead of spending or wasting it
  • Design all use of time to expend energy towards accomplishment
  • Manage large and small projects by prioritizing your time
  • Manage people through effective prioritizing of time
You Will Benefit By:
  • Recognizing time as a valuable tool for your success
  • Becoming more organized in your daily functions and breaking the habit of wasting time
  • Moving more efficiently towards your primary purpose
  • Understanding the true secret of the wealthy and successful
  • Learning how to make every moment more meaningful and valuable in both your career and personal life
Who Should Attend:
This course is perfect for anyone who constantly finds him or herself wondering where the time has gone, why the deadlines have passed, and why the working day seems to be too short. It is truly a universal seminar, and the benefits will last for a lifetime.

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