You are literally drowning in information every day. This course will teach you how to gather the information that is important to you and learn it on purpose. With the explosion of the information age, you cannot be expected to learn everything, but you can be taught how to focus on what you need to learn. This seminar gives you the skills and motivation you need to learn quickly, efficiently and have fun in the process. In most seminars you are taught skills and content but you are not given the critical learning tools that make learning easy and enjoyable. This seminar provides these tools. (While you learn the secrets of memory and retention you will also learn how to organize yourself and your mind to maximize learning.)

When you know how to learn, you can learn anything.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Motivate yourself to learn
  • Discover and utilize your personal learning style
  • Memorize material quickly and easily
  • Vastly increase your comprehension
  • Optimize your ability to learn and absorb data in lectures
  • Elevate your reading ability
  • Take notes effectively and efficiently
You Will Benefit By:
  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of your own particular learning style
  • Improving your overall ability to recall what you hear
  • Improving your memory
  • Acquiring consistent and efficient study habits
  • Taking clearer and more useful notes
  • Focusing on and retaining the most important information
  • Knowing the best way to study written material
  • Making learning fun again
Who Should Attend:
Anyone who needs to learn more rapidly and efficiently or who feels as if they have a poor memory should enroll in this course. Anyone who lacks self confidence in their ability to learn or who simply needs to develop good study habits should make the skills learned in this seminar part of his or her life.

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