Creativity and innovation are the most critical skills if an individual or an organization wants to adapt and grow. The continuing prosperity of any organization and its members requires skills to discover fresh approaches and new possibilities. You will learn the key elements that foster creativity. Also, you will develop the essential attitudes and beliefs that support this process.

You can create your future or stagnate

You Will Learn How To:
  • Recognize and eliminate the major beliefs and attitudes that prevent creativity
  • Create an atmosphere that breeds innovation
  • Apply sound methods designed to promote creative thought
  • Gather the necessary data
  • Develop skills that enhance the natural stages of creativity
  • Let ideas germinate and incubate
  • Feed off of the ideas of others
You Will Benefit By:
  • Enhancing your own intuitive abilities
  • Generating ideas more readily
  • Finding untapped creative resources within yourself and others
  • Incorporating new learning strategies into your thinking
  • Becoming an innovative doer or thinker
  • Developing strategic creative plans with ease and understanding
  • Enhancing your brainstorming abilities
Who Should Attend:
Every type of employee could benefit from this seminar. Managers and supervisors who are responsible for providing solutions during projects, those responsible for handling challenging employee situations and anyone involved in problem-solving of any kind should participate.

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