Most of us have heard of the Left Brain and the Right Brain. But you may not know that you have four distinctive thinking styles that can be measured and quantified to a precise degree. The instrument that does this was invented by Ned Herrmann, formerly responsible for management education at General Electric.

This seminar will teach you how your brain works and how your preferences influence your decisions. You will understand that a mixture of inherited and acquired characteristics influence the way you prefer to think. While you share many characteristics with others, your personal blend is unique, exposing your particular strengths in your work and personal life. Knowing the profiles of people with whom you work will help you understand how people complement each other and play particular roles in your life and work.

Unleash the power of "whole-brain" thinking.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Identify and understand the battle between the creative and logical parts of the brain
  • Understand your mental preference and how it influences your decisions at work
  • Differentiate between managing things and leading people
  • Seek solutions logically and creatively
  • Develop a "whole-brain" communication process
  • Understand your thinking preferences and build on their special strengths
  • Take specific measures to improve your less-developed styles
You Will Benefit By:
  • Learning how to work with, rather than against, yourself and your mental capabilities
  • Being able to work better with ³problem² people
  • Becoming more confident as a decision-maker
  • Maximizing the power of our greatest technology - the brain!
  • Increasing your own capability, working better with others, seeing more aspects of problems and solving them, getting more things done, relating better to members of your team and growing in new and innovative ways
Who Should Attend:
Line managers who supervise personnel closely and people who work in teams should consider this eye-opening course. People who want to know more about their preferential ways of thinking in order to progress in their career benefit from this kind of training.

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