Negotiations are a fact of life. Whether they realize it or not, anyone who attempts to persuade another person of anything is negotiating. Negotiating can be a challenge. In organizations, managers negotiate very weighty or sensitive issues with a minimum of preparation and little awareness of the options and alternatives available. Instances of conflict and confrontation in organizations are growing. Skilled negotiators are required now more than ever before.

People are no longer content to accept decisions dictated by others; they want to participate in decisions that affect them.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Understand and apply a model of interpersonal negotiations that will improve your skills in influencing, persuading, managing and negotiating
  • Apply the psychology of negotiation in a way that is fair and that maintains the integrity of all parties involved
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow sound procedural principles which have historically proven most effective in negotiating agreements
  • Identify the operative needs and values of others to assist in negotiating mutually beneficial agreements
  • Probe to elicit essential information
You Will Benefit By:
  • Becoming a more powerful negotiator
  • Being able to reach wise agreements that stand up over time
  • Responding appropriately to the tactics and maneuvers of your counterpart
  • Understanding the psychology of manipulation and detecting it before caving in to it
  • Demonstrating skill in negotiations that are perceived by the other side as fair and equitable
  • Applying these models, principles, procedures, and techniques in the workplace to enhance performance in
Who Should Attend:
This course will help anyone become a more confident and powerful negotiator. It can be attended by anyone, since people in all organizations negotiate every day. It is especially beneficial to managers, supervisors and procurement officials.

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