Whether training succeeds or fails is largely a matter of design. Training costs consist of both the training itself and the time taken away from work. Organizations cannot afford the luxury of poorly designed training. This workshop presents the most sophisticated training design model available today. It is based on learning styles and focuses on how to design training so that the learner gains maximum benefit through a proper combination of motivation, theory, practice and practical applications.

This workshop is critical to any organization that conducts training on a regular basis.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Master the key elements of training design
  • Design training that accounts for the learner
  • Design training that creates permanent change in the students
  • Motivate students to learn
  • Teach "why", "what", "how", and "what if"
  • Design training that results in both understanding and new skills
  • Design training that consistently produces long term results
  • Assess whether training is indeed what is needed
You Will Benefit By:
  • Having a system to design any kind of training which produces positive results
  • Focusing on both teaching and learning
  • Utilizing the four basic learning styles
  • Knowing how to create the proper balance between theory, practice and application
  • Making students want to learn more
  • Making training a cost-effective investment
Who Should Attend:
Trainers, training designers, and managers who think training should produce results should attend. Those who want to learn how to design presentations that have a maximum impact would benefit from this extraordinary seminar. Anyone who finds that traditional approaches to training design do not produce the skill improvement that they desire or who wants long transfer and not just short transfer training should make this seminar an integral part of their career development training.

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