This skillshop presents practical, proven behavioral techniques designed to enable managers and leaders to exert more influence immediately. This workshop provides each participant with an in-depth understanding of the communication and influence processes and the ability to directly apply this understanding to communicate more effectively and to persuasively influence others.

Your success depends on your ability to positively influence others.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Master the latest developments in communication, persuasion, leadership and influence
  • Develop the skills to immediately apply this knowledge
  • Determine when other people are covertly influencing you and how to handle it
  • Exert greater influence through pacing and leading
  • Assess and interpret non-verbal behavior
  • Understand and deal with human emotions
  • Elicit and take advantage of positive emotions
  • Use your voice to maximum the impact of your persuasiveness
  • "Embed" unconscious messages in your communications
  • Detect and utilize the patterns in other people's decision making processes

You Will Benefit By:
  • Developing greater certainty and poise
  • Increasing rapport with those whom you wish to influence
  • Knowing how to communicate what you mean with precision
  • Probing deeply to determine another person's needs, wants and aspirations
  • Understanding and applying the basic principles of negotiations
  • Handling difficult questions and objections
  • Understanding and using negotiation tactics
  • Detecting and utilizing the basic patterns of another person's personality

Who Should Attend:
Anyone who needs to exert more influence over others should attend this indispensable seminar. Managers and leaders, as well as anyone looking to impact their organization and other people should take advantage of the incredible value of this seminar.

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