This seminar will provide training in the Graves Values Technology. The Graves Levels of Existence Values Model is based upon over thirty years of ongoing research into how people think and make decisions, and how thinking changes for individual and large systems. Although there are many useful theories of human development, none incorporates more power or precision than this model.
 The power of this approach opens a new domain for understanding diversity -- not of types and traits, but of world views and disparate realities. In a high-quality, productive workplace, these often conflicting views must not only coexist but cooperate. The precision of this model lies with recognizing that, while every person is unique, there are common themes in human thinking that exist in varying proportions in all of us. Once these common structures can be identified, it becomes possible to match people with jobs that they can do naturally and to design management systems that fit congruently with those being managed.

How to identify and utilize the values that drive your people.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Identify the eight basic "value world views" and apply them to management challenges
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Motivate others based on their values
  • Incorporate change where it is unwelcome
  • Manage difficult employees and resolve conflicts based on world views
  • Create alignment in a group

You Will Benefit By:
  • Being able to apply the model to all contexts of the work environment
  • Understanding the dynamics of teamwork
  • Being able to grasp the roots of all behavior
  • Understanding the source of diversity
  • Being able to harmonize conflicting world views
  • Facilitating others in the change process
  • Understanding what makes people tick

Who Should Attend:
This model has applications in management, organizational development, human resources consulting, training, recruitment, selection, and placement. Anyone charged with refining an organization's structures should not miss this incredible and timely course.

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