Of all the skills that encompass human communication, listening ranks as one of the most important. Without good listening skills, we are destined to lose out on the information that we need to be effective. In this course, you will learn the vital dynamics of skillful listening. You will gather the mechanisms necessary to turn hearing into listening and make positive contributions on the job and in your life.

Listening is the accurate comprehension of the message being sent.
Not listening is expensive.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Differentiate between listening and hearing
  • Comprehend the dynamics of professional listening skills
  • Be an active listener
  • Master the four methods of verbal communication
  • Master the ten basics of listening
  • Identify why differing communication styles can alter listening decisions
  • Plan a course of action that implements your new listening skills
  • Let others know you are listening to them

You Will Benefit By:
  • Learning why active listeners make fewer mistakes
  • Seeing how professional listeners show others respect and receive the same in return
  • Knowing that good listening skills are considered vital to career advancement
  • Realizing that the ability to actively listen saves time and energy
  • Implementing this powerful technology into your habits
  • Seeing why being an active listener reduces job-related stress
  • Seeing why listeners enjoy their work and their relationships more

Who Should Attend:
Everyone can benefit from adding this valuable tool to their skills. From department heads to support staff, the skill of listening can reduce the cost of management and implementation of mission and add to the positive results you and your organization achieve. People who work in teams and people who have managerial responsibilities should enroll in this course.

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