Skills are best developed through a combination of coaching and mentoring via a one on one process with individuals or small groups. This is done by directly or indirectly observing performance and feeding back information about how to improve performance. Performance is further observed to see that the feedback has been incorporated and integrated. Then, further refinements are made. This seems like a simple process, but it is seldom done well as evidenced by a common lack of performance improvement in organizations. This workshop teaches how to coach and mentor correctly so as to produce rapid improvement and lasting results. This workshop is based on an understanding of how individuals and small groups learn most effectively and of how to facilitate this growth and improvement.

The top skill set for growing your people.
Reintroduce this gem of our business culture.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Coach and mentor more effectively
  • Evaluate performance to determine strengths, weaknesses and proper intervention strategies
  • Provide feedback that can be incorporated and integrated for performance improvement
  • Motivate individuals and small groups to seek growth and improvement
  • Design interventions that lead to lasting positive change
  • Generate positive attitudes and deal with negative moods and attitudes
  • Observe closely to detect potential growth areas
  • Communicate effectively so that learning may occur

You Will Benefit By:
  • Understanding what coaching and mentoring really means for your organization
  • Understanding how to provide feedback so that it is accepted and utilized for improvement
  • Knowing how to observe performance and how to communicate and ³sell² your suggestions
  • Understanding the basic keys to superior performance
  • Being able to skillfully work with the body, emotions and the mind
  • Being an outstanding enabler of other people
  • Being able to coach and mentor people to work and produce at their full potential

Who Should Attend:
Leaders, managers, and supervisors who want their employees to perform in an optimal fashion should make time for this seminar. Anyone who wants to assist others to grow, evolve and enhance their performance would benefit from this training. This course is ideal for anyone involved in providing performance feedback to others or who wants to coach or mentor more effectively.

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