Making decisions is the fulcrum upon which your organization succeeds or fails. If you are a decision maker, you need this valuable system for making the best decisions in every circumstance. Good decision makers are not born, they are developed. In this course, you will use a matrix to make decisions in the most vexing situations. You will develop a skill that will bring you the reputation as a top leader in your organization.

Decision, then action equals results.
No decisions‹no results.
Learn how to make the right ones.

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You Will Learn How To:
  • Reduce complex situations into their most dynamic parts
  • Avoid the mistakes of those who make poor decisions or no decisions at all
  • Make decisions based on a repeatable format for success
  • Take ownership of your decisions without fear of loss
  • Make mid-course corrections allowing each decision to come to a successful conclusion
  • Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently make the "right" decisions
  • Communicate your decision most effectively
  • Gather information and arrive at the best decision based on a few key points
  • Negotiate decision-making alternatives

You Will Benefit By:
  • Becoming known as a leader through your ability to make tough decisions
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to create positive outcomes in difficult circumstances
  • Being viewed as a highly valuable asset to your organization and enhancing your own chances for advancement
  • Moving your people and your corporation rapidly toward more successful results
  • Developing your own model for decision making that you can use and refer to on a regular basis
  • Saving time and energy

Who Should Attend:
This course is designed for managers and those people who want to be managers. This is a MUST for project managers and key people charged with making things happen, such as supervisors and team leaders. This course is imperative for employees shooting for management, as well as anyone whose job description puts them in a position to make decisions.

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