What would it be worth to have a system in place that adds the goods and services of other organizations to the list of things you can accomplish and provide? From concept to completion, learn how to research and then realize which organizations would benefit from your partnership. This course shows a simple methodology for making agreements with other individuals and organizations that perform unique tasks. Hands-on format for scripting forms and invoice structures are all included. The future will be created by organizations learning to successfully cooperate. This course is a necessity for service oriented organizations.

Build your business without growing your payroll.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Find unique value in other organizations
  • Approach the idea of creating strategic alliances
  • Develop a features and benefits list for your company
  • Create a comprehensive strategic plan to work toward a common goal
  • Expand the level of goods and services currently offered to your marketplace
  • Save time and increase efficiency by combining resources
  • Negotiate a strategic alliance with other organizations
  • Measure the value of the strategic alliances that you create
You Will Benefit By:
  • Expanding your network of peers and your marketplace
  • Creatively brainstorming for the future
  • Becoming accustomed to working in teams
  • Sharing the resources of capital, people and ideas
  • Enhancing everyone's results
  • Accounting for higher returns on budgets and manpower
  • Becoming adept at reaching compromises for the mutual benefit of all involved
Who Should Attend:
Managers and supervisors and anyone charged with setting and achieving inter-organizational goals should make this seminar a priority.

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