Recent, comprehensive studies reveal that success in the workplace is not only a function of technical know-how. Instead, emotional factors often play a greater role than cognitive factors. The ability to be aware of your own as well as other's feelings, to control your impulses and internal states, to get along with colleagues, to energize and motivate yourself and your fellow co-workers, and to communicate with and influence others positively are indispensable tools in the workplace.

Nearly all forms of formal training and education that you've ever been exposed to provide technical skill training and emphasize cognitive skills. Now we know emotional skills are so critical for advancement in the workplace. This seminar focuses on the development of emotional competencies and how to leverage them for personal and organizational improvement. Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and social competencies such as empathy are integral facets of this dynamic course.

Emotional intelligence is a better predictor of job performance than technical competence.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Assess the competencies needed most for excellence in a given job
  • Assess your emotional strengths and limitations
  • Manage your internal states, impulses, drives, moods and resources
  • Anticipate and meet customer needs
  • Read a group's emotional currents and power relationships
  • Negotiate and manage conflict as well as influence and persuade more effectively
  • Handle personal and professional relationships better
  • Create group synergy to pursue collective goals
You Will Benefit By:
  • Recognizing your own emotions and their effects on others
  • Developing heightened self-confidence
  • Learning to control your disruptive emotions and impulses
  • Taking responsibility for your own performance
  • Developing flexibility and adaptability while adopting and achievement orientation
  • Committing to and aligning with organizational goals
  • Creating nurturing relationships grounded in cooperation and collaboration
Who Should Attend:
Anyone who wants to improve his or her emotional competencies should enroll in this seminar. Anyone who wants to communicate more effectively and exert more influence over others cannot miss this opportunity. People who seek advancement and greater enjoyment in their jobs will benefit tremendously from this breakthrough course.

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