Using a "thinking tool" approach to group dynamics, creative imagination and planning, this training shows you the power of helping the group to work and produce results "on purpose." You will feel the excitement that can only exist when your mind sees the possibilities that can bring instant and positive results. This workshop includes working in groups and building teams for effective compromises and decision making. Hands-on training involving everyone gives you a firm understanding of the role of team leaders, facilitators and team participants. The techniques employed in "Team Building" are so powerful, that results will be achieved immediately.

Together we can do what none of us can do alone. Great teams are designed - then built.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Develop an "on purpose" plan for your team on a single sheet of paper
  • Create a primary purpose for individual action plans
  • Unlock the mystery of consistent team action tied to a mission
  • Tie organizational goals to building consistent value
  • Make a quantum leap in the measurable results of your organization
  • Maximize the power of group dynamics
  • Avoid the major moves that can sabotage a team
You Will Benefit By:
  • Bringing the fun and enjoyment back into your work
  • Becoming more cooperative and helpful
  • Allowing your stress level to decline
  • Creating an environment where individual skills can flourish
  • Recognizing the accomplishments of the team
  • Multiplying the results that can come from an effective team
Who Should Attend:
This course is ideal for those who are charged with the role of leading, growing, and changing group results. It is super for teams who are already formed and tasked with goals.

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