You can suffer change. You can enjoy change. You can witness change or you can cause change. The only thing you cannot do is ignore change and expect to prosper. This hallmark course is designed to present the attendee with an accurate picture of how the human mind works and how we change over time. In the workplace, there is no more important knowledge than how to choose powerful new directions and then put the wheels of change into motion. This course will give you a game plan for dealing with change. You will then receive step-by-step instructions on how to implement this model in your individual or group activities. This course is a MUST for anyone tapped to lead and/or manage.

Learn to profit from change or suffer at its hands.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Understand the operation of the human brain as it relates to change
  • Make specific demands on your brain to change
  • Design a model for change on any topic and elicit repeatable results
  • Create personal leverage to stimulate change
  • Affect change in a group over time, not overnight
  • Conceptualize the equation of human belief and human change
  • Use the power of the conscious mind to order the subconscious belief system
  • Utilize leadership's role in the change process
You Will Benefit By:
  • Learning how to replace non-productive behavior in yourself and in others
  • Mastering a five step, easy-to-manage, repeatable system for implementing change in yourself or a team
  • Understanding why some people seem incapable of change
  • Learning how to change those who seem completely incapable of change
  • Using the challenges posed by change as fuel for success
  • Developing a skill for change and learning how to use this powerful model
  • Becoming known as a leader with the ability to change yourself and others
Who Should Attend:
Managers charged with evoking new behavior in others or anyone finding organizational change difficult or impossible to deal with should enroll in this seminar. Senior executives charged with accomplishing new tricks with old dogs should not miss this opportunity.

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