This course gives you a complete guide to the strategic planning process and how it applies to your organization. By joining the creative system of LifeMapping™ to the strategic planning process, you walk away with solid goals and a way to achieve them. The number one reason for choosing this course over any other strategic planning course is the ability to return to your organization with a single piece of paper that can transform your group's plans into accomplishments.

Organizational planning on a page.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Create a vision that translates into real progress
  • Make your plans strategic in nature
  • Think and plan dimensionally
  • Develop the power of primary purpose in your plans
  • Include every part of your organization in the process
  • Illustrate your plans on a single sheet of paper
  • Get the group "buy-in" necessary for achievement
You Will Benefit By:
  • Becoming a change-agent who creates a vision with real hope for accomplishment
  • Obtaining the tools necessary to set and achieve lofty goals
  • Becoming a source of direction in the middle of chaos
  • Developing the ability to lead a large group in new directions
  • Learning and incorporating into your work the creative skills of top achievers
  • Gaining the confidence necessary to get things accomplished
Who Should Attend:
Anyone responsible for accomplishing jobs, projects and tasks in an efficient manner should enroll in this seminar. From office management to the management of the largest budgets, this course will make you one of the most effective managers and leaders in your organization.

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