If your organization does not have a system from which to sell its products or services, it is unlikely that your salespeople are being managed effectively. You must have a consistent, measurable system so your people understand their goals and your expectations as managers. This program will review The Art & Science of Sales, but focus on the management of the system to optimize the results of your sales efforts.

The five key areas of this indispensable seminar are: Marketing, the Sales System, People, Refinement and Measurement. Each section is tied together to create a cohesive, "no-excuses" system of managing your sales force that will save you time, energy, money and frustration. Designed by the $100 Million Salesman, this seminar provides you with all of the tools necessary to create urgency, eliminate waste and increase sales efficiency. And, you'll get all of this value with the best interests of your people and your bottom line in mind.

No more managing by the seat of your pants.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Identify, understand and assess profitability in the markets your company serves
  • Assign accounts, territories and markets to salespeople
  • Use technology to out-sell your competition
  • Seek out and develop alternative networks for distribution of your products and services
  • Manage from the "Paddle-Wheel" method of selling
  • Exploit the potential of top accounts and prospects using the "Sales Triangle"
  • Educate and motivate your salespeople for optimum performance
  • Hire intelligently
  • Institute sensible goals for individuals and your company or team
You Will Benefit By:
  • Tying the actions of your salespeople to personal goals
  • Clearly segmenting your accounts for greater internal and external efficiency
  • Developing a consistent, productive and measurable system of managing
  • Hiring the best people and saving money on the entire process
  • Taking the personalities out of the process of managing a sales force
  • Streamlining your reporting methods
  • Understanding the value of constant refinement and improvement
Who Should Attend:
Managers who want a system to make their job easier and their salespeople more productive, motivated and happy cannot afford to miss this powerful program.

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