Learn how today's latest technology can get you to contact ten times as many prospects and close them in half the time! There is only one way to ensure new sales results ... you must take new sales actions! And any successful new action plan starts with education. Ultimately, education is the key to unlocking the barriers that stop sales people in their tracks ... first-call reluctance, procrastination, poor organization of time and materials. When you educate sales people, you empower them to become the peak performers that they can be. This course has been carefully designed to turn beginners into achievers and make sales machines out of the rest. This presentation by one of America's leading salesmen will jump-start every person in the room to create and maintain sales levels they only dreamed about ... until now!

Blow away all sales records using a simple system to reach more prospects faster.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Consistently fill your prospect pipeline without cold calling
  • Design and deliver a winning sales call
  • Use technology to out-sell your competition
  • Create a career that will make you a fortune
  • Master the "Paddle-Wheel" method of selling
  • Master the art of change
  • Build beliefs that will take you to the top
You Will Benefit By:
  • Becoming the architect of you sales day
  • Creating top-of-the-mind association in your marketplace
  • Cutting your sales cycle in half
  • Closing ten times the prospects you do now
  • Developing a 30-second commercial
  • Learning a consistent, productive and measurable system of selling
  • Leveraging the potential of your top 5 customers and prospects
Who Should Attend:
Salespeople who are not satisfied with their current production or income should not be without this simple, measurable sales system. Anyone who is looking for a proven way to create new customers will find this course to be indispensable to his or her career. Sales managers who are lacking a system and consistent output from their salespeople will benefit tremendously from this seminar.

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