You have to hear Séan McArdle. In industry, he is touted as the $100 Million Salesman. He is a Master Motivator and speaker in the areas of sales, negotiation, strategic planning and personal development.
His distinctions about what makes for a successful career and life come directly from his own experiences. His stories will take you on a personal journey from living under a bridge at twenty-five to negotiating some of the largest printing contracts in the publishing industry at twenty-eight. Since 1992, he has authored numerous books, tapes, articles and software programs in the areas of sales, interpersonal communications and personal development.

His tape series, LifeMapping ™: A Thinking Tool for Living Your Life On Purpose, was televised nationally in a thirty-minute documercial with host, ESPN Sports Analyst, Joe Theismann. Theismann says, "I have had the privilege of playing for many fine coaches. When I met Séan McArdle, I knew I had met a coach for the game of life." McArdle believes that the key to his success and yours is “the ability to design the architecture of a day that will bring you what you want for a lifetime.”

A faculty member of the American Management Association, Mr. McArdle delivers more than one hundred keynotes and seminars each year. He has shared the podium with many of today's leading celebrities, thinkers and achievers. One repeat client said of him: “Your performance, the depth and communication of two topics, and especially your high level of commitment to do the very best, is appreciated by all.” He is also a consultant to some of America's leading businesses, including: Lucent Technologies, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance, DURON Paints & Wallcoverings and the National Association of Printing Leadership. Sean is the founder and Chairman of LifeAnswers, Inc. The nationally recognized training company has developed and delivers more than 50 different seminars and consulting programs to some of America's leading corporations and the US Federal Government. When he is not speaking or teaching others to teach his material, he focuses on new ways to help individuals take advantage of accelerated learning skills and techniques.

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