Dick Oliver is a Senior Instructor for LifeAnswers, and works in partnerships with other companies and institutions in the development of supervisory, mid-level, and senior level leadership programs. As a graduate of California-Berkeley with a Masters in Public Administration, Mr. Oliver has been extensively involved with the design and operation of various training programs. He was a training officer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and is presently developing a training program on the SES Executive Competencies. He is an associate at the National Leadership Institute.

Mr. Oliver has developed numerous programs to aid government managers and supervisors. For example, "Managing Conduct and Performance," focuses on developing positive counseling skills to improve behavior, but also addresses the array of administrative mechanisms that are available should counseling not be effective. In the last five years he has conducted over 100 training programs in his combined areas of expertise. The US Census Bureau, the Department of Interior and the Social Security Administration are three of his many high profile Federal clients.

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