If there was one thing that is certain about working in the Federal government, it is that jobs, titles, and responsibilities are totally uncertain from year to year. Presidents come and go, directors move on and retire, Congress has trouble making up their minds, and budgets expand and contract according to the newest, hottest topic to sweep through the government. How successfully you adapt to all of the changes that affect your job and your agency is up to you. Learning the coping skills promoted in this program will enhance your ability to thrive in times when others are being left behind in early outs and downsizing. This two or four day program zeroes in on the challenges that many people face when confronting the changing landscape of the Federal government. There has never been a more timely and critical training program than this. You and your people will be motivated, refreshed and stabilized, making everyone who learns the skills indispensable to their organizations.

This program runs as either a two or four day session and is broken down into modules which can be mixed, matched or eliminated depending on the specific needs of your group. As with any other multiple-topic LifeAnswers offering, other courses from the catalog can be inserted into the program at the client's discretion.

 Double Time
  Day 1   Creativity and Innovation in the Federal Workplace
               Mastering the Challenge of Change
  Day 2   Stress Management
               Time Management: The Key to Becoming More Effective

 Four of a Kind
  Day 1   Creativity and Innovation in the Federal Workplace
  Day 2   Mastering the Challenge of Change

Who Should Attend:
Everyone who works in the Federal government should attend this course. No one is completely protected from reorganizations, restructuring and downsizing initiatives, so if you want to get a leg up on the system, this is a course to consider.

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