Often, Federal employees are promoted to positions which require managerial and supervisory skills even though they are not officially in charge of anyone. Or, they anticipate being promoted to an official managerial or supervisory position, but lack the preparation to take on the responsibilities that lurk ahead in the near future. In these cases, there is a need for more training, but it is practically impossible to find because most training companies will only train official supervisors and managers in these skills. Thanks to suggestions from forward-thinking agencies, LifeAnswers has developed a course which meets these needs in two comprehensive days.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Master team membership skills and the 5 basics of team membership
  • Establish your role as a team member
  • Develop team chartering skills
  • Manage multiple priorities in a matrix teamwork environment
  • Develop and manage the dynamics of time, energy and purpose
  • Mind-map your way to success
  • Use accountability as a basis for success
  • Establish management functions which team members must practice
  • Use questioning skills in effective communication
You Will Benefit By:
  • Putting together effective teams and matching skills with objectives to set it up for success
  • Prioritizing for accomplishment of primary purpose
  • Using a decision-making matrix for measurement
  • Speaking the language of accomplishment
  • Managing your team project from a single sheet of paper
  • Revealing delegation and power dynamics in your group
  • Establish and reach meaningful, challenging goals in manageable time
  • Sharing ownership of your team and its objectives
  • Breaking down barriers to effective communications using all of you communications outlets
Who Should Attend:
Anyone who works in the Federal arena who is responsible for supervising or managing other employees should attend this seminar. This course is ideal for those who are leaning toward taking the managerial path but have never been prepared for it in their current or past positions.

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