Everyone should learn how to speak in public, yet the number one fear, ahead of death, is public speaking. We help you develop your public speaking skills regardless of the size and scope of the audience. Whether you are giving presentations to report the latest budget requirements or preparing for a full day training session, this comprehensive workshop covers all the bases.

The ultimate tool for your business image, reputation and success.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Speak confidently in public to any number of people
  • Introduce yourself in a professional manner
  • Create instant rapport with your audience
  • Remain calm while speaking in public
  • Remember your topics and give your entire presentation from a single sheet of paper
  • Come to a succinct and all-encompassing close
  • Save time while answering questions
  • Use the tools of voice inflection and gesture
You Will Benefit By:
  • Understanding the communication cycle
  • Overcoming the barriers of communication
  • Using mind-mapping to retain information
  • Building confidence and poise in any situation
  • Expanding your job qualifications
  • Learning the inside secrets of speaking "legends"
Who Should Attend:
Supervisors, managers and staff members whose duties require them to make oral presentations or conduct training and education courses will elevate their speaking skills by absorbing the techniques taught in this program.

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